In the Stories from Here to There Protest Teamriders show what is necessary to get there. Each of them tells the story in a different way, how to get there, progression in competitions, how to avoid crowded line-ups, bad conditions and in contrast how does it look “there” in epic conditions.

Sven Thorgren - Episode 2

Protest takes you on a journey "From here to there" with 3 of their professional snowboarders. Following them on their journey from their personal here to get there, whether it's a search for the ultimate pow, the perfect tree run, winning contests under pressure or creating footage in imperfect conditions.

Sven Thorgren, just 18 years old with an impressive track record. He is snowboarding for 11 years now, is going to snowboard school in Malung/Sweden and impresses the world with his fabulous style. Nowadays he travels the world with the busiest competition schedule so far. His goal is to qualify for the Olympics in Sochi and to join the TTR world Tour. Follow Sven on his mission, there’s much more to come…